How to get around the ‘friction’ of shopping at a department store

A shoplifting problem that has been plaguing retailers in the US for years is now being tackled in Japan.

The country’s government has announced it will introduce a new “friction” measure that will make it easier for people to shop online.

In a bid to help businesses cope with an influx of people, Japan is introducing a new law which aims to reduce the “frictions” of shopping in stores.

In a bid for ease, the country’s president has recently signed a bill to make it harder for shoplifters to buy products online.

“The goal is to get more people to use the internet, and to have more online stores,” Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga told reporters on Thursday.

The new law aims to “make it easier to buy online”, and it will also make it “more convenient for the public” to use internet shopping sites.

“If it’s not a shopping centre, then the first thing is to make sure that there are no barriers that people have to move from a shopping mall to a shopping center,” said Yoshihiro Fukuzawa, an economist at the Institute of International Relations and International Relations Research, a government think tank.

“It’s not just about the barriers to entry.

It’s also about the difficulty in moving.”

The government has said it is targeting those who shop in online retailers, and the legislation will come into force in January 2020.

While the new law is aimed at increasing the flow of goods online, it is also intended to help deter shoplifts.

It will mean that, for example, if someone steals something worth ¥20,000 from a department stores in Tokyo, they will be required to report it to the police and report the incident to the authorities.

However, some online retailers say that the law will not make a huge difference.

“People who shop online in Japan will be more cautious,” said Masahiko Tanaka, a manager at one of the countrys biggest online retailers.

“[It] won’t change the price of items online but it will definitely make it more difficult to shop at the same store.”

A similar bill was passed by the Japanese government in 2012.

However, in 2014, a group of online retailers filed a court case, and they argued that the measure violated the right to privacy.

In June that year, a court in Tokyo rejected their claims, ruling that the new legislation violated the Constitution of Japan, which guarantees “privacy of personal life”.

“The law will only be used to make online shopping more convenient,” said Hiroshi Nishigaki, the founder of online retailer i-nishihide.

“The real reason for this law is to limit online shopping in Japan.”

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