How to shop in the malls of India

When you walk into the mall, you’re likely to encounter a wide array of cars.

But in some of the country’s largest malls, cars are a rarity. 

Car companies often charge huge markup for their cars and even for parts, while most malls have only a few cars per parking space.

Some car companies even charge an extra premium for the cars in their own stores.

But when the mall has more than one car per parking spot, car owners in malls across the country have a way to buy their car without spending much money. 

Here are five ways to buy a car at the best car dealers in India. 


Go to an auto parts store and pay with a credit card If you want a used car, you might need to shop at auto parts stores to get one.

You can buy used cars for as little as $15, and even then, the price varies.

Auto parts stores are a big part of the Indian car market.

You might see some of them in malls, too, like those in Ahmedabad and Jaipur.

But you won’t find them in most malls. 


Shop online There are plenty of car dealerships across India, but some of those are in big cities.

If you are looking for an affordable car, a car dealer might be the best place to shop. 


Go online with a smartphone to order a car from a car dealership Online shopping has become a common method of getting a used or used-for-sale car.

The same process also works for buying a used vehicle.

But when you go online with your smartphone, you can get your car delivered right to your door.

If it is a used one, the seller will need to show you a credit report. 


Go shopping online at an auto dealer’s online store The online car dealer will charge a commission of 5% of the total price. 


Pay with cash or cheque The car dealers usually take cash, credit cards or cheques for their car purchases.

However, if you need to make payment online, the car dealer can also accept payment with an electronic card or bank account. 


Go on the internet to shop for a car online A lot of car manufacturers offer online car shopping.

In most cases, you will need the car to be on the dealer’s website or on its website, which is also the best option if you want to make payments online. 


Go offline to buy from a vehicle dealership online Most car dealers also offer car online shopping, but you will have to go offline to do it.

Car dealerships have their own websites, but they often have a lot of other cars on display.

The most popular car on display in malls is usually the brand-new car from the brand’s new owner.

Car buyers are usually more likely to pay for a brand-owned car when they have a warranty.

The online dealership has the best prices. 


Find a used/used-for sale car at an independent car dealer The independent car dealers are mostly local companies.

Most of them don’t have a physical presence in India, so they often only stock used or unused cars.

They sell them at a lower price than online car dealers. 


Go back online to buy your car from an online car dealership The online vehicle dealer usually sells cars from their own garage.

In some cases, they even have an office. 


Buy a car in India onlineThe online car stores in India are very expensive, and they charge a lot more for the car than the offline dealers do.

But if you’re looking for a good used car at a reasonable price, you’ll likely find the best deals online.