Avalanche, Predators to be among winners of new NHL expansion draft

NEW YORK — The Colorado Avalanche and Nashville Predators will both receive draft selections in the 2017 NHL Expansion Draft, the league announced Tuesday.

The teams also will receive additional second round picks, according to NHL commissioner Gary Bettman.

The Avalanche and Predators will be among the first two teams to receive selections in next week’s expansion draft.

The Avalanche and the Nashville Predators both have one pick in the third round.

The Nashville Predators and the Calgary Flames will receive picks in the fourth round.

Bettman said the Avalanche and Colorado Avalanche will be one of the top teams to go in the Expansion Draft.

“I think Colorado is a very strong candidate, but it’s not done yet,” Bettman said.

“We still have a number of spots to fill, so we’ll take a look at the expansion draft process when we get there.”

The NHL will release a list of expansion draft winners on Tuesday.

The Predators and Avalanche will each receive four first round picks.

The Predators have a first-round pick in 2018, the Avalanche have a second-round selection in 2019, a third-round and a fourth-round in 2020, and a fifth-round.

The third-rounder will go to the Los Angeles Kings.

The Flames have a third pick in 2019.

The Colorado Panthers and Nashville Sharks will each be one spot ahead of the San Jose Sharks and Anaheim Ducks in the expansion standings.

The Ducks and Sharks both have two picks in 2018.