‘No excuses’ for women’s wearing high heels

The Australian Financial Review has released a report on women’s footwear that suggests it is time to reconsider the role of women’s high heels.

The report, titled The New Woman’s Shoes: What’s Wrong with Female High-Handedness?, was commissioned by Australian Women’s Foundation, which was established in 1999 to advocate for equal opportunity for women.

Read moreAt its most basic level, the report argues that women’s low-heeled footwear is in fact sexist and a poor way to look.

“If a woman wants to wear high heels, then it’s time for the same thing to be done for men, who, in many ways, are a different breed,” the report’s author, Kate Kelly, said.

“And for those of us who do not want to look like a stereotype of a woman, it’s also time to rethink the role women play in our communities and in our workplace.”

Read moreA new report has found that low-hanging heels can be an indicator of health issues, including heart disease and osteoporosis, and women are more likely to wear them for more than just fashion reasons.

“When a woman has a low-profile or a low profile footwear, then the likelihood of having low-back pain, high-back swelling, or any other common symptoms of low back pain increases,” Dr Kelly said.

“And it also increases the risk of developing osteoporsosis.”

Dr Kelly is a member of the Australian College of Surgeons’ Committee on Women’s Footwear.

She said low-Hands are also associated with osteoporation, or osteopenia, which is an abnormal bone growth.

“It is also associated in a small number of women with osteoarthritis of the lower back,” she said.

“So we’re talking about a problem that is potentially very serious for the woman, for her overall health.”

Dr Kelley said the high-heels could also be linked to poor posture and a lack of muscle tone, which can lead to pain and weakness.

“Women who have low-hips are more susceptible to osteo-osteoporotic disease,” she explained.

“They’re also more likely than women with high-hips to have osteoedema, which means that there’s not enough calcium in their bones to prevent osteoarthropathy.”

Read the full report here:

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