‘It’s the same old story’: A new case of the ‘Joslins’

A New Jersey couple is fighting for their home after finding a new, gruesome “joslins” case in their home.

Chris Lewis and his wife, Michelle Lewis, were in their bedroom, their two dogs inside the house, when they heard a “creepy, scary noise” coming from inside the closet.

“There was blood everywhere, the carpet was splattered, it was everywhere,” Chris Lewis told WJAR.

“I looked outside and saw blood on the couch, blood on my hand, on the floor.

My wife looked at me and said, ‘Is that blood?'”

Chris and Michelle were so scared that they didn’t open the door.

The couple found their cat laying in the middle of the living room.

They called the police, who came to investigate.

Police say they took DNA samples, which came back negative.

The couple believes it’s “the same old” story that’s been around for years.

Chris says it was a family member who gave him a box full of “jokes” and stuffed animals for Christmas.

He said his family is a very tight-knit, family-oriented family and they’ve always been careful to keep their house tidy.

“If there’s something out there, I’m not going to be able to open the closet to find it,” Chris said.

“If there is, I will.

But I’m a big believer in keeping it to myself.”

Chris and his family are not the only ones who are upset about the “joke” story.

An online fundraiser is being planned to help pay for the couple’s medical bills.

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