When will the NRL’s new season start?

The NRL has confirmed that the start of the new season will be held on Sunday, March 12, with the opening of the 2016-17 season starting at 7:00am AEST.

It will be the first time the league has been at this stage of the season since 1998, when the league announced that it was taking a year off the calendar to allow for the AFL’s 2018 season.

In the past, the NRL has been one of the few sports leagues to go back and look at how it’s performing in a different era, with AFL teams going back to 2002 for a decade.

However, with a lot of the key players who have been in the NRL since its inception in 2013 returning to the team, the AFL has had to adjust its strategy, with former star player Tom Rockliff returning to Adelaide, and James Maloney taking on the role of a mentor.

The league has had some interesting changes to the roster in 2016, with several key players leaving, including former premiership coach Brenton Sanderson and his assistant, John Egan.

However there have also been notable departures, with new coach Trent Robinson and former NRL premiership player Tim Sheens departing to join the AFL.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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