The best way to win over a new customer

When I first got to New York, I knew it would be different than anywhere else.

The city had a rich history and it was filled with art galleries and theaters, but the real excitement was in the new restaurants and coffee shops.

I was the only non-white person at the time, so it was easy to be intimidated.

But my new friends at the King’s department stores were very nice and they made me feel welcome.

The stores were not only open to African-Americans, they were also accepting of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgendered people.

It was a great start.

I soon became addicted to the store and eventually became the co-owner of two stores.

My friend and I started to have a lot of fun at the stores.

They had all these African-American and Asian-American staff members who made us feel like we belonged there.

I thought, Why not take the lead?

I took the store’s place at the corner of Broadway and East 44th Street and I was excited to open up another store on Broadway.

We were going to open a store of my own and that’s how we came up with the name.

The store opened in December 1977.

In the first month, we saw sales rise by 60 percent, which was a huge accomplishment for a black business.

I didn’t want to take it too seriously, so I started using my experience to promote myself as a great businessperson.

One of the stores that I worked at in New York City was called the King & Smith.

It was in Harlem, but it was a place where black people could hang out.

We also had a store in Harlem called the Burkes department store.

It had a very colorful, eclectic selection of clothes, books, jewelry, and furniture.

The store was a wonderful space for us to hang out and hang out with our friends.

But that was just one store.

We wanted to open more stores and eventually, we decided to open King &amps; Smith, located in the heart of Harlem, at a place called 5th Avenue and Third Avenue.

I was proud of the fact that King &ills; Smith was the first black department store on Fifth Avenue.

We also wanted to have more ethnic diversity in the store.

I wanted to be able to have black people working in the department stores, and it seemed that was impossible at the other stores.

So we decided that if we did it right, we would also have to have ethnic diversity.

The idea was to open the King and Smith in a place that was more racially diverse.

We had people from different ethnic backgrounds working in different areas of the store, but we also had people who came from different parts of the city working at the store because of the diversity of the neighborhood.

The concept was to have diverse people working together in a very diverse place.

I had been working for King &ams; Smith for six years.

At the time I was making $15 an hour, and I didn ‘t have a car.

So I started thinking, What can I do to earn a living?

What can we do to make our lives easier?

I thought about doing a lot, but I didn’ t know what I wanted out of life.

I just wanted to get into business.

My friend and his wife were both African-born.

They were very educated, so they could understand the value of education, but they didn’t understand the importance of hard work.

So it was really hard for them to find a job.

So they decided to move to New Jersey to start their own business.

King &amping; Smith started as a part-time store, and eventually they expanded to full-time stores, too.

When the King was opened in New Jersey, it was one of the most prestigious stores in the city.

I started working there on a full-year basis and then moved to Brooklyn.

I did well at King &am; Smith in Brooklyn, but there was a problem.

The people who worked there, many of whom were black, were very racist.

They didn’ T like the color of my skin.

They would call me names, tell me that I wasn’t real and that I was a thief.

I had a few friends who worked at the shop who were also white.

They would try to push me into other jobs.

So that was a constant struggle.

A few years later, when the King moved to Manhattan, the owner asked me if I would come to New Hampshire.

We met at the office and talked for hours about what we wanted to do together.

We decided to go out for dinner, and we ended up at a restaurant that was called Chambord’s.

I felt very comfortable there.

When we started King &AMS; Smith and Chambords, we realized that we had to do something about the racism in our business. We began

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