How to buy luxury goods in Israel: $10,000,000 worth of diamonds, rubies and other gems, jewellery and coins?

I was visiting Jerusalem recently and had to spend some time with the city’s jewellery shops.

Most of them were selling a wide range of products that I would never have seen in the West Bank.

However, there was one that I was particularly curious about.

There was an interesting section of the store that sold jewellery from the US and Canada to Israel.

There are some interesting products, such as $10 million worth of sterling and diamond bullion from Canada, and $10.7 million worth from the UK. 

There were a few other interesting items too.

One was a £10 million diamond bracelet from a jewelry shop in the US, with a bracelet of a different color and an inscription that read, ‘We believe that diamonds are a symbol of love, peace and harmony’.

One of the most interesting products was a $15 million diamond necklace made of gold and silver bullion. 

It’s said that the jewellers have a very special way of displaying their products, so it’s interesting to see the way they displayed them. 

The jeweller is not allowed to sell their products to the public because of the regulations and it’s not easy to find jewellery in Israel, but there are some good stores and many good brands. 

On the whole, it’s a very interesting shopping experience.

I recommend visiting one of these shops if you are in Israel or want to get a feel for how the jewellery industry is operated. 

If you’re in the area, you can also check out the jewelling district in Tel Aviv or the main jewellery shop in Jerusalem. 

For more information about Israeli jewellery stores, visit The Jewish Week website  and visit

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