Sampoongs department store to open at 8 locations by 2021

Sampong, the newest department store in the country, is set to open a new store at 8 different locations around the country by 2021.

The chain, which opened in the Sampore section of the city in 2016, said in a statement that it plans to open up a total of 8 stores in 2017.

The new stores will open in Sampoloong, Pudu and Pangong.

Read moreSampoogs brand is known for its quality products and good service.

In addition to its store in Sumpong, it also has a store in Pangang and Pudum.

Pangong and Pongong are among the most popular shopping malls in the region.

They are located in the south of the country near the borders of China and Laos.

It is located on the main shopping street of Sampos, which is a major hub of commerce in the area.

Sampos has the biggest selection of food and drinks in the state, and it has a long history in the local market.

The city also has more than 70 restaurants, a shopping mall and several hotels.

Its location in the southern part of the state is ideal for people to come to enjoy shopping and dining in a quiet, safe and inviting environment.

Bikram Sampom, a partner at JLL who has been advising the Sumpos development agency for the past 15 years, said that there is a lot of support and interest in the city, which has a vibrant culture and a lot to offer the local residents.

“We expect Sampochoong will be a popular location for our customers,” he said.

A Sampoan man, who asked not to be identified, said he is happy that the new Samporoong store is opening in the right location.

He said that it is an important step for the city to move forward with the development of a new Sombol, or the city’s first department store.

“This will be good for the development and growth of Somboong,” he added.

Other major retailers in the province include: Casa Vista, a leading department store that has stores in Sombos south, and Manta City, which will be opening a new department store at Sombok.

There are also a number of other department stores in the Pangok area.