RENY’s grocery and convenience store has become a “different kind of store,” a “better way to buy things,” says co-owner Melissa Zodys.

“It’s more like a home goods store than a department store,” Zodies says.

The chain, which opened in April, now has over 6,000 employees, which is more than the number of people at the Austin location of HomeGoods, which has more than 5,000.

Zodays goal is to “get the store to the point where it’s the number one spot for Texas,” she says.

“I don’t want to be one of those places that has a lot of people there and not do a good job with it.

We want to get it there.”

Zodizes co-owners Chris Baca and Andrew Baca have been busy expanding the store’s inventory, opening new stores in Dallas, Austin and San Antonio.

In June, the company opened its first store in Austin, bringing with it 2,400 new employees and a new kitchen, which Zodyss says was a huge hit.

The company’s goal is for 1,000 stores to open in Texas by 2019.

Zods plans to open a second store in San Antonio by the end of 2020.

In the meantime, she says the company is continuing to grow its presence in Texas.

She says it’s not only about the business model, but also the community support.

“We’re really proud to have our co-op partners,” Zods says.

HomeGood and RENys are the only grocery chains to open stores in the same city and are not the only two to offer similar pricing and offerings to their customers.

ZODYS SAYS THE CO-OPERATIVE MISSION IS TO PROVIDE MORE PRODUCT TO ITS COMMUNITY Members of the co-operative community have been instrumental in the success of the Texas co-ops, including Zodials founder, Michelle Johnson.

“They have been very supportive of me in getting into the grocery store business and making it possible for us to do what we do,” Johnson says.

Johnson says the coops are an important part of a larger community.

“There are many different ways to help each other,” Johnson adds.

“And in this day and age, we need to be more open and transparent to each other about how we’re doing our business and why we’re making decisions.”

This is not about us being the number two grocer in Texas, it’s about us doing better for our communities,” she continues.

ZDYS IS IN BUSINESS WITH THE HOME GOODS COSTS AND STORES FORUM IN TEXAS AND ARIZONA The Texas coop is the first to open its own store in both Austin and Dallas.

It plans to expand in the Austin area in the coming months.

Johnson said the coop’s mission is to provide more product to its community.

She said the store will have access to more local produce, but will also offer fresh produce from local farmers.

“So we want them to feel as if they are a member of our community, and they will have that sense of belonging and belonging. “

Our customers will feel like they are in a grocery store,” Johnson explains.

Homegood has been the number-one grocer in the Dallas area for years. “

The coop also will offer a better store experience for our customers and staff, because we’re open 24/7 and we have access for them to the same produce we have at HomeGood,” she adds.

Homegood has been the number-one grocer in the Dallas area for years.

Johnson is excited to see what the coOp has to offer the Austin community.

But she also believes the cooperative has the ability to make a huge difference in the community, too.

“In the Austin market, there are so many different kinds of grocery stores,” Johnson explained.

“This will be a true co-working space.

This is a co-living space, and we are going to be opening our first co-located store in the heart of the Austin metro area.”

ZODIES SAYS SHE WILL BE EXPANDING IN 2018 TO ADD MORE LOCAL PRODUCT HOME GOOD’S is the only company in Texas that is co-owned by the same people who run the Austin and Houston stores.

Zodiys co-founder and CEO, Michelle Dominguez, says she will expand to more locations as well, but her current focus is in Austin.

The Austin coop has more co-workers than there are people in Austin’s metro area.

Home Good has a staff of more than 100 and has over 1,100 co-members.

Johnson agrees.

“At HomeGood, we have more than a million people who come to our

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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