How to make a $100 million gift with a dollar store

I can’t believe this is even a real question.

The $100 billion question.

It’s been a big question for years.

There have been so many different answers: What if you bought a lot of these items online?

What if they weren’t in stock?

How about if they were only in stores?

What about the cost of shipping?

And how much would it cost to sell them all?

How about if you had an idea for a gift?

A big-ticket item that would be perfect for the person’s parents, grandparents, aunties, great-grandparents, or whoever they are?

You might not want to be the one to do it.

What about the $200 million question?

That’s what some retailers have been asking.

How much would you pay for this new iPhone, say, or a pair of shoes?

You might not even be able to afford to buy them all at once.

You don’t want to put a $1,000 down on a house and then have to wait for the mortgage to pay off.

How much would that $1 million buy?

What if you have a pet?

What kind of pet?

Is it a dog?

Is it a cat?

What size do they need?

Are they a cat or a wolf?

Can you afford to get them all together?

Do you want to buy this new $20,000 house?

Or would you rather spend $5,000?

How much could you afford?

Can you afford the new $100,000 home?

What would you spend it on?

Does the $100.000 buy you anything new?

Have you ever spent your money on a home that you never wanted?

How did you spend the money?

You could probably buy that $100k for yourself.

Is this going to cost me $100?

Can I save $100 if I don’t make a purchase?

Should I spend $100 or $100K?

If I spend that much, should I go ahead and buy a house?

Will the $50,000 buy me anything new or worth anything?

It’s not like the average person is going to be able and willing to spend that kind of money.

The average person just wants to spend what they want to spend.

But the $1.1 billion question?

That’s the one you’ve been waiting for.

It seems like you need to spend some money on the most expensive thing you could ever buy.

“The first thing that you need is the most popular thing,” says Chris Schmid, a consumer-advice columnist for Forbes.

“If you can’t afford the most-expensive thing, then the second thing is going away.

The third thing is having a nice, luxurious place to live.

And the fourth is not buying anything.”