Why are some large department stores so expensive?

Posted by chico on June 08, 2018 07:20:17I love the size of my department stores.

I love the selection, the selection is always on point.

But the prices are so damn high.

When I started shopping in my local department store for the first time, it was a shock to me how expensive some of the stores were.

They were priced at a premium compared to my local shops.

I’ve since been searching for a store to purchase some clothes from.

I was looking for a small department store that I could easily shop in.

I came across a chico department store and decided to try it out.

The store itself is very nice and clean.

It has plenty of space for me to store my clothes.

The clothing section is pretty sparse.

There are only a few different styles of clothing.

The only way I could find clothes that were my size was by shopping online.

The clothes are all of good quality and they’re all made in India.

The price of clothes are much higher than the local department stores (although they do have a limited selection).

The selection of clothes is always great.

I’m not a huge fan of the prices of chico stores.

The shop was very crowded with customers and the staff seemed to be very friendly.

I think they did a great job at helping me find clothes.

The staff was very attentive and I felt like they were helping me out of a real pinch.

I will definitely be visiting more department stores like chico in the future.

Read more about chico at chicos department store:

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