Exclusive: Walmart’s extreme department stores are getting more expensive, too

The extreme department retailers of Walmart, Target, and Kohl’s have all seen their prices increase by an average of 11 percent in the past two years, according to an analysis of data from the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis.

“The trend in these retail sector pricing is very concerning,” said Robert Cialdini, chief economist at IHS Global Insight.

This is especially so for retailers such as Kohl and Target, which have been hit hard by the recession.

According to the report, Wal-Mart saw its average retail price increase by 15.3 percent over the past five years, while Target saw a 9.1 percent hike.

The report was released on Friday as the U.S. Federal Reserve started to move away from its $4.00 inflation target for the U: the bank said it is ready to raise rates in early March.

As we move toward inflationary policy, the inflation expectations for the consumer have risen significantly, and they are starting to exceed what the Fed is expecting,” said Fed Chair Janet Yellen during the Fed’s policy meeting.

We’ve also seen that the price inflation has slowed significantly, with prices of consumer staples and consumer goods increasing about 10 percent over that same period.

The consumer price index has been running at an annualized rate of 2.3% for the past four years, which is significantly below the Fed target.

While we’re seeing the effects of the recession, there are also signs of a comeback, according a report by the Institute for Supply Management.

The institute said consumer spending in the second quarter increased by a robust 7.1% compared to the previous quarter.

That is, the Fed hopes that inflation will pick up again this year, but the data is encouraging.

Last year, inflation expectations were already higher than they are today, according the report.

The Fed is now expected to start raising rates later this year.

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