When you’re shopping online, you might want to shop with your eyes closed

A woman in Florida who was arrested after she used her debit card at a Walmart in Georgia to buy a bag of hot dogs and fries might be behind bars for a year after the credit card was declined by the store’s credit card processor.

The Florida woman, identified by local media as Sheryl Rayford, was arrested on Wednesday after her credit card came up short at the Georgia Walmart.

The credit card company declined to issue a new card, according to the sheriff’s office in Gainesville.

The credit card had a balance of $7,988.50, the sheriff said.

Rayford bought four bags of hot dog, two bags of fries and a large bag of macaroni and cheese at the store for $19.95.

She then bought $9.49 worth of food items for her family.

The Walmart spokesperson told ABC News that the Walmart credit card processing center is not in contact with the bank that processed the account and Rayford is currently being prosecuted by the state.

The company said it had no comment on the case.