The 10 most expensive French department stores

A French department store with a “beautiful” interior and a “well-maintained” website can be yours for about $400,000, according to a listing on the New Scientist website.

The Paris department store is in the city’s Montmartre district, in a shopping mall with a collection of fine art, jewellery, books, fashion, fine food and other merchandise.

The site’s description of the shop says it has a “vibrant” interior with “unique” furniture and “unique decor”.

The listing says that the interior is “the most luxurious and opulent of the stores”, and that the store’s website “gives you instant access to every item in its extensive catalog”.

However, the listing says the website is not functional, and that it has been shuttered for “security reasons”.

The Parisian department store has been selling a number of products in its online catalog.