How ‘badda bang’ became Japanese term for a good night’s sleep

Japanese-language newspapers have a long history of using the phrase badda-bang as a catchphrase for a great night’s rest.

“If you sleep well you get a baddah-bang,” says a 1957 article in the daily Shonen Sunday.

“It’s said to bring you good luck, and when you are tired, it’s said it is the time for good fortune.”

So what is baddawah-binga?

The word baddaa translates to “good night’s work” in Japanese.

But in the United States it’s often used to describe a good evening’s sleep.

Baddawamish is a term for people who live on the west coast of the United Kingdom, the south of Scotland, the east coast of England, the northwest coast of Wales, the west of Scotland and the east of Northern Ireland.

“In the U.K. there are more baddamish people than there are baddagas,” says David Garrow, an associate professor at the University of Oxford.

“So it’s an ethnic group that has been a victim of globalization.”

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