Ireland’s new sheriff, JEANINE, has hit the streets

JOEANINE ELLIS has been named as Ireland’s next sheriff by the country’s top political party, following her appointment as a deputy commissioner for policing.

The appointment is expected to be a boost for the Sinn Féin leader in the county of Kerry, where she was previously a police officer.

The Sinn FÁin TD, who was elected last May, said she was honoured to be appointed as the deputy commissioner.

“This appointment is an excellent one and I look forward to the opportunities it will bring to the county,” she said.

The deputy commissioner will have full power to appoint police officers to positions of responsibility across the country.

She will also have the authority to appoint and fire senior officers.

Sinn Féins deputies will hold office until a new sheriff is appointed.

The new sheriff will also be able to appoint a new chief constable and chief constables from other local authority areas.

“The deputy sheriff will be in charge of the provision of the policing system and the delivery of public services in the region, including policing the streets, addressing crime, protecting public safety and making sure our communities are safe,” said Ms Ellis.

Sins chief constance commissioner JOEANN ELLISON said she is excited to work with JOEANS deputy sheriff JEANNINE ECCLES to tackle crime and improve policing.

“She will be the first sheriff of the county since the creation of the sheriff’s office,” she added.

“As the chief constability of the local authority in charge, I will be able oversee the implementation of the Sheriff’s Service reforms and will be responsible for making sure the local community gets the services they deserve.”

I am honoured to have been appointed as deputy commissioner to the sheriff of Kerry.

“The announcement comes amid mounting concerns about the state of the countrys justice system following a spate of high-profile cases, including a series of murders, and a number of suicides.

Sin Féín is expected in the polls next month, after Sinn FÉin’s election win in May.

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