Omaha, Nebraska, has the coolest store in town

Omaha, Nebraska — A few weeks ago, I walked into a grocery store, picked up a box of applesauce, and waited for my order to come out.

It was only then that I realized that I had been sitting on a bag of frozen applesaucer in my kitchen for the better part of the last year.

As my wife and I stood in line, we noticed that the aisle was empty.

The store was in a warehouse, but it didn’t seem to be stocked with anything but boxes of apples.

Then, I noticed the price tag.

It was the cheapest price in the store.

I went to the cashier, who handed me a receipt.

“Oh my god,” I said, as I realized what had happened.

For years, I had gone through my grocery store and counted every penny on my paycheck.

Now, with a box and a few pennies, I was left with a bag that cost more than I had ever paid in a single month.

But I could afford it.

My wife and me were looking for a way to save money, so we decided to go grocery shopping in Omaha.

On the way to the store, we ran into another couple in line.

They wanted to know how much they were paying.

They were right: They were paying $8.99 a pound for a box.

So, we went over and gave them a $1 discount.

When we were done, I picked up the box and thanked them.

They thanked me and said, “I’m sorry.

You should’ve paid us.”

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