Kirkland, the mall, Harrods to close January 2

The mall operator, Harrod’s department stores, Kirkland’s Department Stores and Costco will close on January 2, according to the mall’s official website.

The announcement follows a request from the state of Washington to extend a moratorium on new construction in the state, which began at the beginning of the month.

The mall operators said that as a result of the moratorium, they would have to reevaluate their expansion plans.

The moratorium was issued by the Washington State Department of Economic and Consumer Services after several years of talks between the mall operators and the state and local governments.

The state issued its own moratorium on mall expansion in March of 2018.

The Seattle-based mall operator had been planning to open its first store at the mall by the end of 2019.

A state official told USA TODAY that the mall will be the last of the mall chains to open a new store in the country.

Harrod is a popular destination for holiday shoppers in the U.S., where it has stores in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Seattle.

The Washington Department of Business and Economic Development is planning to offer incentives to lure shoppers back to the state for the holidays, said Michael Schadt, deputy director of the department’s business and economic development office.

A survey of shoppers released in October by the Department of Commerce showed that the state had the highest number of people leaving Washington State in the last three months of 2019 compared with the previous three months, according the department.

The survey showed that there was a 6.9% decline in the number of visitors visiting Washington State.

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