The story behind the world’s most famous photo of a woman’s boobs

This week we’ve got a story you’ve probably never heard before.

In 1894, American artist John Horne created a portrait of a man’s belly button, which he named The Woman’s Belly Button.

The photograph was used by newspapers across the country to sell newspapers, and has gone on to become the most widely-seen image of the human female breast.

In recent years, Horne has been criticised for creating a false equivalence between his photograph and the real thing, and that the photo has been widely used to promote women’s health.

However, the original photograph has become a bit of a cultural touchstone.

It’s a photograph that has inspired so many women’s bodies to look like their most popular images, and now a new book is making that possible.

Numerous women’s organisations and businesses have created collections of Horne’s photographs to promote healthy eating, and to help women identify with their images.

“We’ve all been doing it for years, but we’re finally getting the support we need to actually use the photograph for good,” said Anna, a 27-year-old woman from Melbourne.

This book has inspired women to use their own images and their own bodies to promote health and wellnessAnna’s collection includes the images from a number of different organisations, including the Victoria Women’s Foundation, which created the first collection of Hornes images, the Victoria Health and Wellbeing Foundation, and the Australian Breast Cancer Foundation.

“The book is about creating an image for women to really get out and look at,” said Ms Horne.

“It’s about showing women that there’s so much more to their bodies than they might think.”

And the more we show women, the more they’re going to realise that.”‘

You can’t be happy without it’As a young woman, Anna was inspired by the beauty of Horner’s portrait, and she thought her image would help women feel better about their bodies.

After years of working with a plastic surgeon, she wanted to change her appearance, and so she created the “Women’s Barmys Bellybutton” collection.”

I really felt like I was getting there, that my image was starting to take shape, and I knew I wanted to keep it going,” she said.

Anna’s Bizarre collection is now in its second printing, and was launched on July 4 this year, just weeks after Horne died at the age of 88.

But Anna’s collection is not just about women.

There are thousands of women’s images in Anna’s catalogue.

More than 2,500 of them are from the Australian Health Foundation, with more than a third featuring women from other countries.

And, of course, Anna’s Bodies is also a book for women everywhere, which she has published to coincide with National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.”

Women are using their own stories and images to help us understand how our bodies work and how to take care of them, and it’s really been really empowering for us to see the way we’re using our own bodies, and really inspire us to be more healthy,” Anna said.”

So we want to do it in every way we can.

We want to inspire women to take control of their health and our own lives, and we want people to recognise that.

“The Bizarre Women’s collection has been sold at more than 20 bookshops and museums around Australia, and will be available in bookstores and online on July 31.

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