‘It’s really funny’: How the new Charlie’s department store in New York has evolved from a quirky toy store to a modern mall

CHARLES’ department store is a classic old-school American icon, and for good reason.

Its location in New Jersey, nestled in a quaint industrial town, is perfect for a visit from the family, but its unique approach to retailing and a quirky attitude to customer service have earned it an unwavering following.

“The store is very much about the people,” says John Fagan, who opened the store in 1982 and has owned the department store for 25 years.

Fagan, a New Jersey native, says he wanted to change the look of his beloved store.

“We were doing the old, traditional department store look, but we wanted to create something different and not be the same old, same old,” he says.

He also wanted to offer customers a “great shopping experience” that would “be comfortable to walk in.”

Fagan has been making changes to the store over the past few years.

The company recently launched a new store, and he’s also overhauled the store’s décor.

While the store remains unchanged, the layout has undergone some significant upgrades.

The old brick and mortar store was located in a nondescript warehouse in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

In 2014, Fagan decided to open a second store in the area.

The new store is named Charlie’s and it has more space than the original.

Fagan says the renovation has been a labor of love, but he’s not taking any shortcuts.

Charlie’s is a true “retail renaissance,” he adds.

Instead of having an “old, old look,” the new store will feature a modern approach to merchandising, with a modern look.

Farian says the store has a “different vibe” from the previous one.

“It’s a bit more modern.

You’re in a modern store.

It’s not an old, old store,” he explains.

For instance, the store will now feature “new” items.

This includes items like the brand-new “Lollipop” collection.

The collection features an array of pop culture items, including a collection of Lollipops, stickers and magnets.

And Charlie’s will be offering a selection of “new clothes,” too.

Although the store is changing, Farian says it won’t be completely overhauled.

The store will continue to sell a wide range of merchandise, from traditional to new, and Fagan says there will be a new “dynamic” look for shoppers.

At the end of the day, Faggins hopes that the new location will give Charlie’s an opportunity to continue to grow. Read more: