When The Women’s Department Store Comes Back, It Will Bring Its New Products To The Next Level

It’s the latest chapter in a long and colorful history of women’s departments at Seattle department stores.

But when the company’s flagship women’s clothing store, Gertz, returns to Seattle’s Central District, it will bring new products that are more than just a new look.

Gertz’s return to the Central District comes amid an intensifying push by women’s rights activists to overturn the decades-old gender pay gap.

The company is among a growing number of businesses that have recently made changes to their pay and working conditions that will create a more equal workplace for women.

The company has been the target of a string of recent strikes and demonstrations, including a protest outside its Seattle headquarters last year that drew about 1,000 people.

That protest was also the start of a long-term campaign to change the company and its practices.

The Gerts are the largest independent women’s store in the country.

They’ve been the subject of several major labor protests, including one in May that forced the store’s CEO to resign.

Gertis was the target again in May when the retail giant Target announced it was shutting its flagship store in Seattle.

The store was the site of a major strike in 2013 and was also a staging ground for protests in other cities.

In addition to Gertiz, other Seattle women’s stores include the CVS and Nordstroms, as well as the local department stores Nordstrom, Macy’s and Marshalls.

The new stores are expected to open in the fall, as the companies continue to explore their next moves.

Gretz’s plans include a return to a more traditional look that has been an important part of the company for nearly half a century.

It will continue to feature the iconic silhouette of Gertrudes, with more contemporary pieces, and will continue with its signature baggy-shirt look.

It’s unclear whether Gertzos women’s selection will be more varied or more contemporary.

The brand has said it will continue its signature signature women’s clothes, but there is no indication that this will be the case for the Gertls.

For many women, the changes are a welcome return to an industry that has long been underrepresented and undervalued, said Lisa S. Schaeffer, director of women and gender studies at the University of Washington.

Gretz has long focused on the needs of its female customers, she said, and has long championed diversity in the workforce.

“I think they are bringing back an element of their past and a lot of their work that is still being done,” she said.

The new stores come at a time when the gender pay imbalance in the United States has reached historic proportions, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In 2016, women earned 78 cents for every dollar men earned, with women earning 82 cents on the dollar.

But that disparity is even more pronounced when you take into account the higher percentage of women in low-wage jobs.

The average wage for a female worker is $15.10 an hour, according the BLS.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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